Wednesday March 1, 2017
  What are ‘Course Intentions’?
Monday March 7, 2016
What do I need for my degree?? Use these 3 tools (clickable links in yellow) and you should find it easy to keep track of your degree progression.  
Thursday March 9, 2017
  Below are the course descriptions for the Table I courses being offered this coming 2017/18, including the descriptions for CRI 560 - Topics in Creative Industries.   Note that the topics for Fall and Winter are different.
Wednesday January 25, 2017
  There are a ton of resources availible here at Ryerson.  This powerpoint presentation will help you begin to identify the variety of options availible.  
Tuesday January 24, 2017
Missed an exam, assignment, or some other form of graded work??   Then you should seek 'Academic Consideration'. The two most common grounds for 'Academic Consideration' are based on Medical Grounds, or on Personal Grounds.
Tuesday December 20, 2016
Don't know your "Advanced standing" from your "Academic Standing"? Can't quite figure out what "Departmental Permission Required" means, or the difference between a "Prerequisite" and a "Corequisite"?! That's okay, you are not alone!
Thursday December 15, 2016
Short-term vs. Permanent Withdrawal  
Friday December 9, 2016
The Univeristy will assign your Academic Standing at the end of each term.  This is based on your cucumulative grade point average. 
Friday December 9, 2016
What to do if you fail a course. 1) Try to relax.
Thursday September 22, 2016
Here are some upcoming significant dates as provided by The Office of the Registrar.  For a comprehensive list of significant dates, you should refer to the 2016/17 Undergraduate Calendar > Dates