Monday November 20, 2017
 Winter timetables posted on RAMSS = Friday 24th November   When your timetable is published, check it!    If you are missing a course, look to see why. 
Tuesday July 4, 2017
  Below is a visual timeline highlighting some important upcoming dates.        
Tuesday January 24, 2017
Missed an exam, assignment, or some other form of graded work due to unforeseen circumstances??   Then you should seek 'Academic Consideration'. The two most common grounds for 'Academic Consideration' are based on Medical Grounds, or Personal Grounds.
Monday March 7, 2016
What do I need for my degree?? Use these 3 tools (clickable links in yellow) and you should find it easy to keep track of your degree progression.  
Wednesday November 29, 2017
ACADEMIC STANDINGS (CLEAR, PROBATION, RTW) The University will assign your Academic Standing at the end of each term.  This is based on your cumulative grade point average.
Wednesday November 8, 2017
  "Why can't I add this Liberal Studies or Open Elective course?    I know it's being offered?!" Unfortunately, just because a course is listed on the Liberal Studies Table, or the Open Elective Table does not guarantee that you will be able to take it.
Wednesday November 8, 2017
Having trouble with course material? 
Monday September 11, 2017
Any student that wishes to take a language class at Ryerson for the first time, must take a placement test. The test can be found here:
Wednesday September 6, 2017
  Is this course a Liberal Studies course? or an Open Elective course?   What satisfies a Liberal Studies requirement?
Thursday August 17, 2017
Double counting courses with in the B.A Creative Industries is not allowed.  What this means is you cannot try to use a course you are using towards one Table to also satisfy another.  For example: