Elective Courses

Breadth Electives

These elective courses, required of all Ryerson students, are intended to broaden your education beyond your specific program of study. You will take one elective each term in your first three years. Typically students choose from a wide variety of courses offered in such areas as English, Philosophy, History, Political Science, Psychology, Musicology, Sociology and Economics.

Creative Industries Electives

A minimum of 2 courses are to be selected from the following list in years 3 and/or 4:

University Open Electives

The four open electives that you select from any discipline in 3rd and 4th years will enable you to explore areas of personal interest or to gain additional depth in areas that you think are valuable to your chosen career path. You may also elect to devote these electives to the completion of a minor.

For a complete listing of the Open Electives please consult the Open Elective Table of the calendar.