Work Placement

In the summer prior to 4th year or at the start of the fall semester you will begin your work placement within a creative enterprise. Consisting of a minimum of 240 hours of work and monitored by the program’s industry liaison coordinator, this requirement is intended to give you first-hand, practical experience of the environment in which creative enterprises operate and of the management practices employed to support and expedite creative work. You’ll also discover how current technology has impacted the creative and business functions of the enterprise. Often placements of this type can lead to job opportunities soon after graduation.

The work placement is closely integrated with your final year of study. Your experience and the information you acquire about the company in which you are placed will form the basis for the capstone (or thesis) project that you will undertake in your 4th year seminar, CRI 800: Managing Creative Enterprises.

For more information about work placement, see the Internships section of the site.