​INFO: Does this course satisfy and Liberal Studies requirement?


Does this course satisfy and Liberal Studies requirement? 


What satisfies a Liberal Studies requirement?

If you wish to know whether a course satisfies a Liberal Studies requirement, you can simply look to see if it is listed on the Liberal Studies Tables (which can be found in in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for that year).

All Chang School courses that fulfil Liberal Studies requirements say so right in the course description, which can be found on the Chang website. 


  "....by the end of this course, students will be able to read and write simple sentences and to talk about subjects related to family, studies, and social environment". (Lower-level liberal studies elective)

For more information regarding Liberal Studies courses, please vist the Faculty of Arts, Liberal Studies page.


What satisfies an Open Elective requirement?

Likewise, you can check which courses satisfy an Open Elective requirement by looking at the Open Elective Table in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for that year.  

If it's listed, it satisfies it!


If you want to know if a Chang School course can be used to satisfy an Open Elective requirement, again, just look to see if the course is listed on the Open Elective Table. 

Note:   All courses taken through the Chang School have the letter 'C' in front of them.   So for example, PSY 105 taken through The Chang School will be listed as CPSY 105.  

PSY 105 and CPSY 105 are the same course, and both will satisfy an Open Elective requirement; the only difference is that one was taken at The Chang School for Continuing Education.