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Taking courses through The Chang School for Continuing Education.

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The Chang School for Continuing Education offers a number of Liberal Studies, as well as some Open Elective courses, and some Table III Business courses.  Many of which are availible during the Fall, Winter, Spring, and/or Summer term.

Note: None of the Creative Industires Required courses, Table I, or the Table II Module courses are offered in the Spring/Summer terms (with the exception of the occasional Professional Communications (CMN) course).



Spring/Summer 2019 Chang School course offerings are availible to view and enroll into via the Chang School website from February 25th 2019 onward.



Taking Spring/Summer Liberal Studies courses or Open Elective courses

Any course that fulfils a lower or upper level Liberal Studies requirement indicates that right in the course description on The Chang School website.

Example:   "This course examines the development of societies in the Caribbean from the intrusion of European explorers and settlers c.1492 to the dismantling of the slave systems in the 19th century, and beyond to issues, such as independence, affecting the region in modern times. (Lower-level liberal studies elective)"


You can also check the various tables to see if the Chang school course you plan to take can be used to satisfy that specific area. 

 If it's listed, it fulfills that area! 


Note: Courses take through the Chang School start with a ‘C’.  For example, PSY 105 becomes CPSY 105.  

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Click here for detailed information on how to search and enroll into Chang School courses.