INFO: Course Intentions for Fall and Winter (2019/20)

2019/20 Course Intentions 

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What are ‘Course Intentions’?

“…Course Intentions is the process where you indicate the courses you wish to take in the upcoming academic year via RAMSS.”


When are ‘Course Intentions’?

Course Intention Period = Monday 11th March to Sunday, 17th March (11:59pm)

Course Intention Adjustment Period = Wednesday 8th May to Wednesday 15th May (11:59pm)

Course Intentions are mandatory for FCAD.

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How do I complete ‘Course Intentions’?

Before completing your Course Intentions it is important that you understand how much of your degree you have completed thus far. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1)    Print off a copy of the Creative Industries Studyplan

Step 2)    Log into RAMSS. Click on the Academic History tab to lsit your completed courses. 

Step 3)    Write the courses you have successfully completed onto the studyplan.

Once you have a clear picture of what you have completed, you can move on to selecting your Course Intentions.


Selecting courses for Course Intentions

Step 1)    Take a look at your upcoming year on your studyplan.  

Step 2)    Use the PDF’s provided on our website under (INFO: Degree Requirements) to see which Table i (CRI), Table ii (Modules) and Table iii (Business) courses are being offered next year.

Step 3)    Add courses!   


Tip:  Be sure to click the Finish Enrolling button.

Here are screenshots showing exactly what SUCCESSFUL and UNSUCCESSFUL Course Intentions look like.   Do not leave courses in your Shopping Cart! 



Important information and tips!


Do not Course Intend for more courses than you need. 

The more courses you add, the more courses there are to be successfully scheduled into your timetable, and therefore the greater the risk of a time conflict!


Complete Course Intentions for both the Fall and Winter term.

Priority should be given to completing your REQUIRED Module courses first as not every course runs every year.


Do not leave courses in your shopping cart!      

Click the FINISH ENROLLING button when you are done. This will complete the course intention process.  

Click here to see exactly what SUCCESSFUL and UNSUCCESSFUL Course Intentions look like.


Avoid taking courses out of sequence with your degree structure.

Any time you step out of sequence with your degree you run the risk of encountering scheduling difficulties.  This may delay your degree completion.


Trouble adding a Liberal Studies or Open Elective course?   

There are info and advice regarding this on our website,

Current Students >  Announcements >  Trouble Adding a Liberal Studies/Open Elective ?


Courses requiring ‘Departmental Permission’.  

If a course requires ‘Dept Permission’ it means you cannot add it yourself.  You will need to email either (or the department offering the course) during Course Intention Period to have that course manually added to your intentions.