INFO: Degree Requirements ("What do I need for my degree")

What do I need for my degree??

Use the 3 tools below and you should find it easy to keep track of your degree progression. All clickable links are highlighted in yellow.


1)  B.A Creative Industries Studyplan

Much like a shopping list, simply print off a copy of the Studyplan and check off the courses as you move through your degree.    It's that simple!    

You can view your courses at any point via RAMSS by selecting, > 'Academics'  > Academic History'  > List Courses.


2)  Academic Calendar 

The Academic Calendar lists all policies for the University, as well as your full degree requirements. 

It also houses information regarding, 

  • Liberal Studies Tables,
  • Open Elective Table,
  • Minors,
  • Significant Dates, and much more.


3)  Advisement Report

The Advisement Report is an online tool for Undergraduate degree students.  Accessed via RAMSS it shows all the courses that you have taken, enrolled in, or completed for your degree.  If you need additional support when it comes to viewing and accessing your Advisement Report and/or the Academic Calendar, this online tutorial is there to help.   "Staying on Track: A Guide to Your Program Curriculum".



Course Offerings for 2018/2019


The below PDFs show which Table I, II, and III courses are being offered in Fall 2018, and Winter 2019.


Table I (Creative Industries Courses)     

You can view a full list of CRI courses running in 2018/19 here  including the description and details regarding application process (if applicable).

Note:  At least TWO Table I courses must be completed prior to graduation.    



Table II (Creative Content Modules)


"Additional Offerings" Explained.  

Anything listed as an "Additional Offering" on the Module PDFs can be used to fulfil an elective within that module.

In a bid to provide you with more choice within your modules, I met with the various schools and requested some additional courses be made available moving forward.   As changes to university publications happens approximately 18 months in advance, those additional Module Elective options will not be officially listed in the University Undergraduate Calendar until the following year.  

Rather than have you wait an entire year, you can start taking those additional offerings now and use them towards that module.


Table III (Business Courses) 




Liberal Studies, Open Electives, and Chang School Courses


Below you will also find links to the Liberal Studies Tables, and the Open Elective Tables.  

If a course is listed on the 'Open Elective Table' it satisfies an Open Elective. If a course is listed on a 'Liberal Studies Table', then it satisfies a Liberal Studies requirement.  It is that simple.  

Due to the number of courses listed on each table I have not checked which are running this coming year.  That is down to you to research. Remember not every course is offered every term/year.

If you have any issues adding Liberal Stuides or Open Elective courses, I have posted some info and tips here, plus there is a ton of information availible on the Ryerson website.



If you want to know more about taking a Chang School course in a Spring or Summer term, there is information on page 2 of the Announcements Page.  



Remember, each of you is responsible for your own academic success, so make sure you fully understand what is required for your degree/program.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, just ask us!

Paula and Angella