Info: "Double Counting" courses

Double counting courses with in the B.A Creative Industries degree is not allowed. 


What this means is you cannot try to use a course towards more than one table within the degree. 

Example 1) 

If you have taken CRI 550 for your Table II > Publishing and Printing Module, you cannot also use this course to satisfy a Table I (CRI) requirement.  

Example 2) 

If you are taking CMN 315  as part of your Table II > Communication Studies Module, you cannot also use CMN 315 to satisfy an Open Elective Table requirement.


The easiest way is to think of your B.A Creative Industries it in terms of total courses.  

Of the 42 credits required for your degree, you need,

  • 16 required/core courses (CRI100, BSM200, ACC340  etc)
  • 3 x Lower Level Liberal Stuides courses 
  • 3 x Upper Level Liberal Stuides courses 
  • a minimum of 2 x Table I courses, 
  • 4 x Table I or Open Elective courses,
  • 12 x Table II (Creative Content Module) courses. (Six from Module A, and six from Module B)
  •  2 x Table III (Business courses), by the time you apply to graduate.   


You can refer to the full 2018/19 Undergraduate Calendar degree requirements for details, as well as information on your Creative Industries website, under  Current Students > Announcements > 'Degree Requirements'.