INFO: Trouble adding a Liberal Studies course??


"Why can't I add this Liberal Studies or Open Elective course?    I know it's being offered?!"

Unfortunately, just because a course is listed on the Liberal Studies Table, or the Open Elective Table does not guarantee that you will be able to take it.


Some courses are "flagged" (i.e. off limits) for some programs.  For example a PSY course may be restricted to Psychology or Nursing students.

The university will make sure all programs requiring the course, have first refusal.  


Only once those students are all in, will any remaining spots become available for general enrolment.   This typically happens during the ‘Open Enrollment Period’.

My advice is add a "back-up" Liberal Studies/Open ELective.    You can then 'swap' out if the back-up course if the one you realy want becomes availible.


Searching for Liberal Studies or Open Elective courses on RAMSS

When you go through RAMMS you should search ‘MY CLASSES OFFERED’.  This search option will only bring up courses you have access to.

Try it this way, rather than just trying to add random courses. You should find it easier and much less time consuming.

  • 1) Login to RAMSS
  • 2) Run an Advisement Report.
  • 3) The Search by "My Classes Offered" function correctly displays Liberal Studies courses applicable to your program.
  • 4) Re-run your Advisement Report.       Your report will now apply your Course Intentions and you will be able to see and validate the application of your Course Intentions to your curricular requirements.