The Creative Industries are among the world’s most dynamic emerging sectors. Trade in global creative goods and services has enjoyed rapid growth over the past two decades and this trend is expected to continue well into the future.

Our Mission
Unique among Canadian universities, Ryerson’s Creative Industries program studies the creative fields from the perspective of enterprise development and entrepreneurship, and blends artistic, media, communication, cultural and business studies to prepare students for employment opportunities or advanced education in today’s creative economy.

The Creative Industries contribute $12.2 billion annually to the Ontario economy.  Within the GTA, more than 130,000 people are employed in close to 10,000 enterprises in this sector and its rate of growth in recent years has surpassed that of financial services, the medical and biotechnology industries and the food and beverage industry.

The Creative Industries Bachelor of Arts program is the innovative new interdisciplinary program at Ryerson whose goal is to educate the future leaders of Canada’s creative economy.

It is intended for students who envision an entrepreneurial career in media, entertainment, design or the visual and performing arts; who are motivated to learn how the creative process functions in these industries and how emerging technologies are reshaping them; and who want to acquire the kind of solid business, communication and management skills that will enable them to build a successful career in these fields.

The program is operated by the Faculty of Communication Design, which houses many of the University’s most prestigious professional schools, including Fashion, Radio and Television Arts, Image Arts, Journalism, Theatre and Interior Design. Creative Industries students will have access to courses in all of these schools while they also undertake a business concentration designed and delivered by the Ted Rogers School of Management – Canada’s largest undergraduate business school.

The first such program of its kind in Canada or North America, the Creative Industries B.A. program has many unique features, including:

  • The combination of a B.A. degree with a business specialization

  • Creative-content modules: students will complete two 6-course sequences selected from a long list of creative fields: music, publishing, news media, film, performance studies, broadcasting, communication, fashion, curatorial practices, and more.

  • A work placement in a creative company that is integrated into a 4th year “capstone” project.

  • “The Creative Process” -- an innovative third-year course exploring how creative ideas happen and how creativity can be fostered in teams and enterprises.

  • Upper level courses focusing on collaboration, teamwork, negotiation and managing creative enterprises.


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