Program Goals

Goals: Creative Indsutries Educational Objectives

By the end of this program, students will be able to ...

  1. Contribute productively to the operation of Canadian Creative Industries by applying a synthesized knowledge of the economic, legal, political, and technological environment in which they function together with an understanding of how these enterprises communicate and how they are managed.

  2. Demonstrate an entrepreneurial capacity to engage in independent learning and to transform creative ideas into commercial products and services through the application of business and management concepts and practices applicable to media and cultural production.

  3. Facilitate the work of artists, writers, designers and media makers by applying an integrated knowledge of creative and production processes (both individual and system-based) and of funding and investment structures, and by recognizing and responding to future challenges and opportunities in their sector.

  4. Communicate effectively in oral and written formats, using a range of media that are widely used in creative enterprises.

  5. Conduct research relevant to cultural and industry issues, formulating appropriate research questions and conceptual frameworks; employing data collection techniques and appropriate quantitative and qualitative tools and methodologies.

  6. Implement and manage projects requiring problem-solving, teambuilding, negotiating and collaborative work practices.

  7. Put to use a range of ICT (information communication technology) skills and an understanding of the ways in which emerging technologies and applications are reshaping creative and business processes so as to assist creative enterprises with recognizing and responding to technological change.

  8. Integrate aesthetic sensibility with business acumen by applying a critical knowledge of the aesthetic, theoretical and historical development of one or more creative subsectors to practical realities of production, promotion, distribution and consumption.