After Graduation

Employment Opportunities: Creative Industries

Depending on the course and module selections they have made during their undergraduate studies, students possessing a B.A. in Creative Industries are likely to gain employment in media (electronic or print); live entertainment and performance; heritage and visual arts; design or advertising. We expect that most graduates will be engaged in exhibition, production, marketing, distribution, sales, project development, programming, presenting, communication or management activities within these sectors. They are less likely to obtain employment in specifically artistic or content creation activities (e.g. theatre performance, screenwriting, filmmaking, journalism, video game development) but will be exceptionally well prepared to pursue such work with the addition of a graduate degree such as MFA (Master of Fine Arts) or MJ (Master of Journalism) that will advance their skills in an area of creative professional practice. In addition to professional graduate degrees, their B.A. will be applicable to further studies in law, business, education and a wide variety of academic disciplines.

The following list of jobs – classified according to the industrial sectors indicated above - - provides a sampling of the range and variety of employment opportunities for graduates of the program. While the jobs listed pertain exclusively to the Creative Industries, the distinctive combination of interdisciplinary competencies developed through the program will be transferable to other sectors of the economy as well.

Media (Electronic and Print)

  • Book publishing
  • Newspaper publishing
  • Magazine/periodical publishing
  • Literary agent
  • Editor
  • Acquisitions editor
  • Sales and rights manager
  • Retail sales of books and other publications
  • Management, programming and promotion of literary and book fairs and festivals
  • Music publishing
  • Software publishing
  • Film and video development and distribution
  • New media production and distribution
  • Retail sales of pre-recorded media
  • Media research and development
  • Television programming and development
  • Production and development executive
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Royalty license administrator
  • Online media buyer
  • Media relations advisor
  • Media time sales representative
  • Promo producer (writer, producer, editor of TV promos)
  • Record producer
  • Music journalist
  • Radio plugger (promoter)
  • A & R (music artist and repertoire) scouts
  • A & R manager

Design and Advertising

  • Fashion wholesaler
  • Fashion show coordinator
  • Fashion marketer
  • Critical content analysis of ads
  • Development of advertising strategy
  • Designing advertisements (various media platforms)
  • Style and content development for advertising campaigns (ongoing)
  • Social media and advertising
  • Development and implementation of PSA campaigns
  • Generating fundraising strategies for volunteer sector, not for profit and public awareness
  • Advertising and social media strategist
  • Merchandise allocator
  • Sales associate
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Apparel product development specialist
  • Visual presentation specialist

Live Entertainment and Performance

  • Management, promotion, production, programming and project management activities for performance facilities (dance, theatre, opera, concert halls, etc.)
  • Management, promotion, production, programming and project management activities for theme parks and diverse entertainment attractions: circuses, rodeos, firework displays, stadiums
  • Management, promotion, production, programming and project management activities for performing arts organizations
  • Management and communication activities for artist unions and associations
  • Artist and talent representation
  • Casting agent
  • Manufacture and sales of live entertainment equipment: lighting, audio, operating boards, costumes and properties, etc.
  • Grant writer
  • Publicist
  • Development officer (fundraising)
  • Concert promoter

Heritage and Visual Arts

  • Gallery management
  • Retail sales in galleries
  • Museum management, promotion, etc.
  • Exhibition
  • Curation
  • Development of educational programs
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Organization of craft fairs and antique markets
  • Manufacture and sales of relevant capital goods (eg. artists paints and materials)
  • Archivist


  • Policy analyst
  • Government officer
  • Information officer
  • Organizational communications specialist