Program Overview

Our program of study has been carefully designed to give you the skills you will need to be successful in the creative workplace. Your studies will have a dual focus that will enable you to explore and understand the Creative Industries as both creative process and commercial activity. Core courses will develop your competencies in communication, digital technology, critical thinking, research design, collaboration and teamwork while informing you about the economic, legal, political and technological environment in which Canadian creative enterprises function.

As you proceed through the program you will select two creative-content modules to focus your studies. These modules are sequences of six courses offered in a broad range of creative fields, including film, broadcasting, live performance, music, publishing, news media and fashion. You’ll learn about the historical, artistic and production aspects of these fields while examining how they function as businesses, both domestically and globally. At the same time you will undertake a business specialization that will provide you with the business, management and entrepreneurial skills that will be vital to your future career. The interdisciplinary design of the program and the broad range of elective choice will give you the flexibility to shape your studies in the direction of your personal interests and aspirations. You may also elect to combine your program with a minor in another discipline.

The University’s downtown location in Canada’s media, artistic and financial capital provides an ideal setting for the study of the Creative Industries and for your work placement in fourth year. A unique first-year course, The Creative City, taught by Ryerson’s School of Urban and Regional Planning, will show you how cities can create urban spaces that embrace and stimulate creativity.

For detailed information on the business specialization, creative content modules, and an overview of years one through four, go to Current Students.